Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swoopo Deal Of The Day and Swoopo Naked Reviews

Swoopo is continuing to innovate in the online auction world with two cool features. The first is called "Swoopo Deal Of The Day" where you can get brand name, new, electronics for a fixed price without bidding. From what I've seen the prices are awesome and it means you can get a killer deal for a cool electronic device, everything from Garmin GPS to Nintendo to Apple to Xbox and so much more. If you find the deal of the day that you want you can save a ton of cash, in fact, they even show you the price of some other online stores, sometimes from Amazon, ebay, best buy, and more.

Overall, the Swoopo deal of the day can save you money if you happen to find the item you want. You can also sign up for daily emails that tell you what the deal of the day is so you can Swoop in when you see the item you want and basically steal it for a song.

Since introduced and popularized their special type of auction they were one of the most controversial and talked about companies on the internet with Swoopo being called everything from a "Swoopo Scam" to "Swoopo Fraud". However, that is not true at all, the fact is everything swoopo does is shown clearly and up front if you take the time to read about it. Since so many people had more questions and wanted more information Swoopo created "Swoopo Naked" to address the questions and issues users had. Things like: What goes on at the company headquarters? What is the best way to win auctions? Can you show me video testimonials of people that actually won Swoopo auction?

The fact is Swoopo has listened to its users and decided to unwrap any mystery left in the business model and expose itself to you :-) See what really goes on at and how you can win Swoopo auction by checking out Swoopo Naked.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Do Not bid at Swoopo Auctions until you read this warning

Have you heard of Swoopo auctions?

Many people wonder if swoopo auctions are legitimate places to get electronics, notebooks, gift cards and more at 80% off. OR Is swoopo auctions some sort of clever website that doesn't really save you money and is a big swoopo scame?

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We have all the answers about swoopo including swoopo reviews, swoopo promotion codes, and the answer to the popular question is swoopo a scam?

Swoopo is part of growing kind of websites that is getting huge traffic and tons of happy customers. That doesn't stop the controversy and the people that haven't used swoopo to call swoopo a scam or call it a joke.

Swoopo can give you crazy low prices for auctions of new computer gear, game systems, gps, and much more. They are adding new auctions every days.

Popuplar auctions at swoopo include digital cameras, high def. flat screen televisions, super fast computers, and small appliances, high end coffee makers.

You can win swoopo auctions very easily as the pennies you bid add up and eventually they can win you an auction that is 50 to 80% lower than ebay or best buy.

Swoopo does take a few minutes to understand so we recommend you take the swoopo tour for free and see if it's right for you.

Watch the Swoopo video and learn how to bid to win!

Can you win at swoopo? yes,
Are their great swoopo strategies? yes

Want to know more about swoopo? Watch this video.

If you are interested to learn more about Swoopo to save up to 75% off on retail costs at swoopo. Never leave empty handed at swoopo.

Each bid at swoopo costs .60 (unless you get our free bid pack below) and it's kind of like a lottery ticket that you control.

But consider the macbook pro that swoopo sold not too long ago for $35. Watching the web auctions at swoopo can have a virtually hypnotic effect where your adrenalin is pumping and excitement overtakes your body and you may win a huge prize, like the macbook that sold for $35 or the Wii that sold for under $20.

If you register today at swoopo you'll see the best live auctions that may win you inexpensive televisions, computers, ipod and plenty more by bidding at swoopo. This month you can get a Swoopo Free Trial

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